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Dependable.  Confidential.  No Commission.

Since 1992, Parkbridge Investment Group, Inc. has specialized in the acquisition and management of Manufactured Home Communities – and more recently, multi-family and RV Communities – throughout the Midwest and beyond.  We continue to be interested in acquiring both small and large Communities.  Our philosophy is to continually improve and maintain our Communities, providing quality, quiet, and comfortable affordable housing for our residents.

Parkbridge is dependable.  We have the experience, financial strength, and the proven track record that results in timely and successful closings.  We promise that all communication will be kept completely confidential and that you will pay NO real estate commission.  You determine the terms, whether all cash or some other flexible payment structure.

We would be more than happy to consult with you over the phone or meet face to face to help you determine the market value of your Mobile Home Community – at no cost to you.

Parkbridge is dependable.  Too often we hear from a Seller who had signed a Contract only to have the Buyer back out of the deal at the last minute.  We have 30+ years experience, the financial strength, and the proven track record that results in timely and successful closings – not disappointed Sellers.

If you are considering the sale of your Community and you want to complete the transaction quietly and headache free, be sure to call us first!  Our staff is friendly, professional and ready to respond quickly.

For your FREE market analysis, please contact one of our Acquisition Team members today at 248 601-8400 or by email:

Steve Ureel @ sureel@webuyparks.com

Rob Pryber @ rpryber@webuyparks.com

Dan VanDoorne @ dvandoorne@webuyparks.com


A few of Our Happy & Satisfied Sellers…….

Jeff Sheldon of Ada, Ohio, states “If you want to deal with a professional real estate company with strong character and integrity, then be sure to deal with Parkbridge.”

Seller, Doug Stimmel of Lima, Ohio, states “These guys know what they are talking about.  I had NO interest in selling until I heard what they were willing to pay for my two Communities.”

Bill Corey, Seller of Imperial Estates MHC in Crawfordsville, Indiana, states “These guys stepped up to the plate and made it clear they wanted to buy my property.  They made a good offer, but my partners and I bumped the price up to $4 Million – and they still said YES!  I would do business with them again in a heartbeat.”

Happy Seller W.J. Turner of Rushville, Indiana, states “I told them what I needed for my Park.  There were no negotiations.  We met the next day, signed the deal, and closed promptly.”

A two-time Seller from Celina, Ohio, Bill Goodwin states “I was completely satisfied with the sale of my Community to Parkbridge in 1996.  So when it came time to sell my other Community I immediately called Parkbridge.  I had a signed Offer from them within 24 hours.”

Seller, Jake Adkins of Columbia City, Indiana, states “For 10 years Parkbridge had called or sent me letters inquiring about my Community.  Their professionalism and integrity stood out from the other callers.  So when I finally made the decision to sell I knew who to call.  They agreed to MY price and terms.”

An impressed Seller from Geneva, Ohio, Marlene Knopsnider, states “The staff at Parkbridge impressed me from the beginning.  Not only did I sell to Parkbridge, I am now an owner with them and part of their Management Team.”

Contract Seller Robert Wagner of South Holland, Illinois, states “I sold my Park to Parkbridge over 6 years ago on land contract and our relationship has always been trouble-free.  In fact, I was so impressed with their organization, soon after the sale of my property I became an investor in one of their Acquisitions!”

Michael Haldy, a frequent lender of our acquisitions, gives us high marks also:  “I’ve been financing Parkbridge Investment Group deals for years.  When I get a finance package from Parkbridge, I know it will be prepared in a professional manner and based on ‘real’ numbers.  I’m always confident our loan committee will say yes to it.”

Joanne Zimmer of Ada, Ohio, states “I had been talking with Parkbridge for many years about the possible sale of our property.  Others had called and made offers, but in the end it was Parkbridge Investment Group that met our price and successfully closed the deal.  I highly recommend working with them.”