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Parkbridge Investment Group, Inc. is a privately held and conservatively operated real estate investment and property management company.  Our stable yet positive historical performance over the last 30+ years, and most notably, during the recent economic and financial downturn, demonstrates our fiscal conservative philosophy.

Steven R. Ureel, founder and owner of Parkbridge Investment Group, Inc., has built a reputation for conservative and smart investments in manufactured home communities since its incorporation in 1992.  Over the last 3 decades, Steve has grown a network of investors by word of mouth, usually friends of friends or extended family members.  Steve continues to grow the company conservatively and smartly with new acquisitions which require new capital for each partnership investment.  Parkbridge currently owns and operates 15+ manufactured home communities, multi-family apartments, and RV communities, with a growing market value of $100+ Million.

In addition to overseeing day to day corporate operations, Steve is primarily involved in the areas of acquisitions, lender financing, investor relations, and other related projects such as engineering and development.  Parkbridge continues to pursue acquisitions nationwide with a primary focus on Communities having 100 or more sites.

If you, or someone you know, have an interest in becoming a member of our longstanding group of investors, please contact Steve to discuss the next investment opportunity and partnership formation with Parkbridge Investment Group, Inc.

Trust.  Integrity.  Honesty.  A long history with strong financial returns and gains…what more can you ask for?

Steven R. Ureel


Parkbridge Investment Group, Inc. dba Parkbridge Homes

248 601-8400, ext 22